Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yesterday, Kak Tiqah t'banyak cooked nasik....n sooooo many leftover rice
dia cakap, dia lupa i didn't take rice anymore..urm
so i make nasik goreng for my housemates...simple nasik goreng n rasa dia boley tahan

leftover rice
lemongrass 3 sticks
shallots...as many as u want
3 green chillies
anchovies, 1/2 cup
5 tb of oyster sauce
2 tb of fish sauce
dashes of soy sauce
salt n white pepper

1. Blend lemongrass+shallots+green chillies..put aside
2. Heat ur wok with oil....n fry the anchovies until golden brown
3. Into the wok, together with the fried anchovies, mix together the blended ingredients
4. kacau2 n add in soy sauce+fish sauce+oyster sauce
5. Add in rice...kacau2, salt+pepper...tadddaaaa..siap

did i eat it?? semulut ja utk rasa nasik tu cukop garam ka x..he3
i continue my plan till now...breakfast n dinner, of course, herbalife..n i mix it with active life powder
mcm lebiy kurang probiotics n fiber powder....best jugak campor ngan that one
n for yesterday lunch, i eat grilled fish n today only sandwich...vege punya style..
i mix iceberg lettuce+olive+mayo+lemon n pepper+onion powder..bleh tahan la rasa dia, just a bit tangy :)

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